Saturday, January 1, 2022

January 1st

A new month (and year!) so here are the stats...

Power billed
Power generated

The California Public Utilities Commission is talking about an $8 per kW fee per month for solar power.  In 2021 I generated $445 in electricity.  I have 2.5kW, so they'll want $240 of that.  I'm barely expecting to break even on the solar panels, but if this goes through I won't be replacing them when they fail... it's nonsense.

I went and met Chris at the airport - I'd intended to fly, but he pulled forward the time he was going to be there, which sort of screwed me up.  We replaced the pads in one of his brakes - he only had 1 set - and tinkered with a couple of other things.  While everybody was there, we got Richard's plane moved to the back of the hangar where it should be so Bill can get his plane out, then we all went to lunch.  After lunch, Shane and I tinkered about with his parking brake modification - it works, but we think we can make it better with a few modifications, so we're going to try that before installing it on everybody's planes :o)

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