Monday, January 10, 2022

January 9th

Everybody was busy doing something or other, so Vic and I had breakfast, then went for a little flight over Camp Far West Lake Reservoir to see the water running over the spillway.  We were too low for the ADS-B to catch us :o)

When we got home, we did some tree hacking in the garden, then let Tilly out to inspect our work.

In the late afternoon, Tilly started stumbling around like she was drunk, and didn't want to settle down.  When I went and looked at her, her eyes were scanning from side to side.  I had a horrible feeling that she'd had a stroke, so we started calling emergency vets to look at her.

We eventually got to the Loomis vet, where they figured out that she has vestibular syndrome... basically her brain is telling her the world is spinning - like vertigo - but this is apparently coming from some brain damage (it's official, Tilly's brain damaged!) so her eyes keep moving to try and keep up, which makes her brain think the world is spinning and so on.

She's on anti-nausea medicine (biiiig dose) and apparently this'll sort itself out within 2 weeks and her brain will start using the horizon to tell her which way is up.  In the meantime she's banned from stairs and swimming pools, in case she falls in.

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