Sunday, August 21, 2022

August 20th

I went and picked up Shane and Randy, then we headed to the airport to fly to Watts-Woodland for their display day.

There were more cars and aircraft there this month, and Chris and PJ flew in in PJ's Zenith.

After the display day, when it was getting hot, we decided to have lunch in Lincoln.  The gyros few out first, and got everything put away.  I dropped Shane and Randy at the restaurant then went back and waited for Chris and PJ to arrive, and then we had lunch.

I took all 5 of us (Randy reckons over 1000lbs of people, but I didn't want to ask...) back to the airport, then ran Shane and Randy home.

At Shane's, we talked about the electric car with Liza, and they're looking at getting a new car and want to understand all the options.  Liza drove the Bolt, as she's never even been it it so far :o)

In the evening, Vic and I went to a downtown concert thing in Roseville for a couple of hours.  Still hot, and I spent a little time watching a drone that was flying over the crowd.

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