Sunday, August 7, 2022

August 7th

I flew to Oroville to meet Chris and talk to Merle, and old-timer who's had various VW engined aircraft.  I got there on time, Chris was late, so Merle and I talked about his 1/2 VW Legal Eagle, and the Rotax 447 powered Airbike.

Chris showed up, and we talked about VW engines, mostly because he's kind of thinking about a Teenie Two that Bruce is trying to sell for the EAA.  I'm not convinced that it's that great a deal, as the engine's leaking oil and has a low compression cylinder.

Anyway, Steve showed up from Petaluma in his MTO Sport and I pointed him to the golf course parking, then Kim showed up from Columbia in his Europa and we taxied over and parked up, then went and got lunch.

I had thought about flying through Beale airspace and shooting a video of the ramp, but Chris flew through on the way there and there were just the tankers - no U2s or Global Hawks, so I didn't bother.

At Lincoln, I met Shane and we waited for Neil to arrive - he flew down from Auburn in his Magni M-16+ - it's our gyro, just with a 915 engine.  He seems nice enough, now we just need to assimilate him :o) 

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