Monday, August 29, 2022

August 27th

I got up early and flew over to Cameron Park to help Chris change the oil on his RV-6A.

We talked about doing a YouTub video of it, so spent more time screwing around with setting up the cameras and everything than we did draining the oil.  Randy came over and met us, then we went to the deli across the road to meet PJ for lunch.

After lunch, we finished the oil change by adding oil and safety wiring stuff, then changed out the silicone baffling under the cowl (as the cowl was already off.)  After buttoning everything back up (the thing Chris really needed the help with - the lower cowl is a PITA to deal with) Randy and I flew back to Lincoln together while Chris blasted ahead of us and opened the hangar up.

Chris thinks his engine temperatures are around 20F lower with the new baffles, but I suggested that this could just be "I can run faster in my new sneakers" :o)

In the evening we watched "Jurassic World Dominion."

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