Saturday, July 29, 2023

July 29th

I'd set the printer making a shroud thingy for the speedo on Vic's motorcycle, as she's said it's hard to see in the sun.  The designer said he printed it without supports, but it was starting to droop, so I cancelled that.  I did, however, get to show Vic how it would look and asked whether she'd prefer the gloss black of PETG or the slightly flat black of the carbon fibre infused PETG.  Flat black won out, so I I left that printing with the support structure - it almost doubled the print time.

I went out to the airport to try the brake unit I'd printed, and despite it all fitting together, there's not enough extra braking to disengage it easily - the brake steps need to be a lot smaller, methinks.  So, I spent a while putting the old unit back on, then went out for a flight as it seemed really quiet.

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