Tuesday, July 11, 2023

June 10th

We'd taken a couple of days off to take Tilly down to see her grandmother, but having to be on call yesterday screwed that up.  Still, time off is time off...

I started the day finalising some of the setup of the media centre PC, then after lunch started tinkering with other things.

I decided to see if the new pilot jet on the DRZ has fixed the carburetion problems.  It started and idled OK, so I got kitted up and took it for a quick ride.  It stumbles badly at ~4,000rpm, so the main jet is blocked.  I'm tempted to just go and but a new jet kit and replace all the jets that I replaced ages ago when I went to the James Dean kit.

I went out to the airport and epoxied a couple of chips in the trailing edge on the rotor, having discovered that JB Weld apparently doesn't stick to parchment paper :o)

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