Friday, July 7, 2023

July 7th

We've had a few problems playing DVDs recently, so I decided to upgrade the media centre PC from Kodi Matrix to Nexus.  That went OK, but then it wouldn't talk to NextPVR, which is what we use to watch (and record) over the air TV.  I was running version 4.2.4, and needed at least 5.2, so I figured I'd upgrade that.  Nope... I had to uninstall 4 first, so I figured I'd go to 6.1, the latest stable release.

That dumped the entire configuration, so I then got to go through and redo all of the setup of the tuner cards, channels and so on.  This was a pain, but it all seems to be working now.  I was too tired to bother trying the DVDs we'd been having trouble with.

Oh, and we've lost all the timer rules, so it's not recording anything at the moment.  We're in the summer repeats season, so that's not an issue, but we'll have to remember to set these up again when new TV starts up again.

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