Sunday, August 20, 2023

August 19th

I got up early and headed to the airport to fly to Woodland to meet Chris.  I was running a little early, so I took the scenic route :o)

I was flying into a slight headwind on the way home, so I went in a much straighter line.

Back at Lincoln, I built up a front wheel for Shane from the parts Greg had sent and a new tyre / tube I had in my spares pile.

At home I carried on with trying to get my new to me PC running how I'd like it to.

One of the things (other than transferring data) that took some time was setting up an older version of Quicken (from before it was sold and went to a subscription model) - basically you have to install the old version, then copy over the quicken.ini file from the original installation.  If you don't do this, it'll try and get you to register, even though that's no longer possible.  If you start Quicken before the file copy, you'll have to totally remove everything to do with it using an uninstaller (just uninstalling it in Add/Remove won't work) and start over.  Fun times.

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