Wednesday, August 2, 2023

August 2nd

I got back the DNA test results from the Dog Aging Project for Tillamook:

The "Others" part is:

They say she's 10% inbred, which means she has high genetic variation.

They suggest that:

  • She's between a Corgi and a Collie in size - yup.
  • She's mostly black - yup, with yellow - nope.
  • She has a sable pattern - yup, with a mask - nope.
  • She has white spots all over - nope.
  • She has a short (yup) wavy (not really) coat, without eyebrow furnishings (yup) and doesn't shed a lot (sort of.)
  • She has a short tail - yup, and normal length legs - yup, and strangely no genetic adaption to high altitude - who knows.

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