Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 14th

While poking around online looking for people who've fixed problems with their Microsoft Arc Mouse, I found that there was a known problem.  I posted the mouse back to Microsoft - hopefully it won't be too long, as it's a pain moving my remaining mouse from system to system :o)

I spent a while on the computer, getting Star Wars: Revisited all sorted out and burnt to DVD, and working on videos of the go-kart practice from way back at the TS summit.

I tried to fit the fairing lower back on the YSR, but there's no way it'll fit.  I poked around and looked at stuff, and one of the fairing mounts is bent.  Bummer.  I'm hoping I won't have to drop the engine to get to it and straighten it up.

In the evening, we went to the airfield and took the plane out for 30 minutes.  The sky's full of smoke from the fire up at Forest Hill, but it was a nice evening to fly, even with the 6mph crosswind.  We did a few orbits on the dead side to let the skydivers get down, but other than that the airfield was pretty much all ours.

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