Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 16th

I played around in Warcraft for a while, then went out and spent an hour masking up the Wallace and Gromit kit I've been ignoring for 6 months.  I then spent 25 seconds spraying silver paint, and now I need to wait for it to dry before I can re-mask it to spray some black paint.  Yay.

We went out in the back garden and hacked back some of the trees - the apricot's started to blossom already, so it looks like spring's coming earlier this year.

I went over to the airfield and took the plane out.  On the third circuit, there was a fluttering from the elevator, so I cut the circuit short and went back to the hangar - the trim tab had broken part of the adjusting mechanism, so it was just flapping up and down.  I took it off, and continued flying for a while longer.

The "experimental jet" was parked, and it's this one :o)

I stopped by Jack's hangar, as he was working on his plane - he's trying to get some LED strobes to work, but he's trying to make it too complicated.  I've suggested he just get them flashing, rather than try and get the pattern matching / changing stuff working.  When I got tired of being bitten by mosquitoes, I headed home.

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