Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 30th

I started the day playing a little Warcraft, then went out in the garage to look at putting a new dash on the DRZ.  Basically the DRZ has a digital dash that has a clock, trip meters and a speedo.  And that's it.  I have a Tinytach on there, but that's... sub optimal.  I took everything to pieces, and got all the wiring done for the new dash, then couldn't figure out how the mount I'd bought was going to fit, so I threw them an email and went to Lincoln to go flying.

After reinstalling the trim tab, I did a couple of circuits, but it was pretty bumpy so I gave in and landed.  After I'd put everything away, I wandered up to see what Jack was doing, and there was a parachute coming down to the North of the airport.  After chatting with Jack and Lance for a bit, I stopped in at the parachute school to see what was going on - the parachute was a cut away, so I told them roughly where I'd seen it, and left them to it.  If it hadn't been approaching sundown, I'd have offered to take somebody up to look for it, but, you know, meh.

When I got home, I found that A&L had mailed me back about the dash mount - basically you need washers under it with the fat bars, and I have the fat bars.  I dug out some washers and mocked it up, and it all looked OK.  Yay.

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