Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 12th

After the obligatory Warcraft session, we took the Bolt over to the Yamaha dealer - there's a little bit of rust on the exhaust system, and I'm pretty sure that shouldn't happen after getting wet once.  They said they'd refer it to Yamaha, but I'm pretty sure it'll get replaced.

We pulled some stuff out of the storage space / attic in the garage, and put a couple of doors up there.  I then broke down a bunch of old boxes, and ran them to the recycling drop off.

I slogged through and cut the grass, but I'm still feeling a bit chesty from my cold, so I didn't feel the need to brave the gusty wind and go flying.

The Yamaha dealer called in the afternoon to say they'd be ordering the exhaust on Monday :o)

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