Monday, June 9, 2014

June 8th

Vic went out to run some errands, so I tidied up a little in the garage while looking for a battery tender lead, which I installed on her bike.

We then tried bending the bottom of the garage door straighter, and succeeded a little.

I went and dropped off the recycling, then went to the airfield to tinker - the airspeed indicator stopped working in the last flight, as the hose from the pitot tube cracked due to age.  I replaced that.  I also tinkered with the wiring, as I now think the problems I'm having with the EIS freaking out are the live, not the ground (as it doesn't affect anything else).  Some of the switches weren't working the way I expected, so I took them all out to find that it looks like there's been a problem with electrons doing whatever the hell they want, rather than what I've told them to.  I've taped all that up to trap them in.  Finally, one of the cylinder head temperature probes seems to read high, so I swapped them over.  If it continues to read high, I'll break down and just buy new ones.

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