Monday, August 11, 2014

August 10th

I went over to the airfield early in the day, so I could catch everybody there.  Danny arrived, and I paid him for the engine, and we dragged it over to my side of the hangar.  Then Richard got back from a formation flight, and gave me the videos I needed for his EAA presentation.  He suggested an early lunch, and we were half way there when a friend of his arrived at the airport, and we all went back.  We ended up all going for lunch at the nearest Subway, then I went along in Richard's RV-6A for some more formation work.  After that, he needed to run Lance's Mooney up to ~6500' to check so maintenance work that they recently had done.  I got to fly it a little, though there wasn't much to do.  We then went up in the RV-6A again, and I flew it over to Folsom Lake, where we did a bit of maneuvering before I flew it back to Lincoln.  Richard took over for the landing :o)

When I got home, we watched the excellent MotoGP race from Indianapolis.

In the evening, I pulled the punctured tube from my mountain bike, and found that the hole I've patched twice was leaking again.  So I threw the tube in the bin and put a new one in.

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