Monday, November 17, 2014

November 16th

I got up on the roof and cleared the tumble drier vent, and the gutters, then spent a while raking leaves - this is going to be a regular thing for the next few months, I reckon.

When all that was done, I went over to the airfield and spoke to Jack - he thought he had a spare EGT probe, but it's a different fitting to the ones I have, so eh.  Danny pulled is Quicksilver out, and the battery was dead, so we jump started it.  It wasn't running very well, and it looked like it wasn't getting gas to the rear cylinder as the fuel hose was full of air.  We re-jump started it, and he ran it at full throttle with Jack and me holding it back until that cleared, then he went out for a low hop.  I pulled the Flightstar out and managed a couple of circuits before it was starting to get dark.  And cold, it was cooling down quickly too.

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