Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31st

As I was off work, I played Warcraft for a while, then went out and tinkered with the van.  When I replaced the headlights, I gained a little blue bulb at the bottom of the housing that I'd quickly tried to wire up to the high beams (but they hadn't worked because the earth I'd used wasn't great).  I've taken those out, and put in some little white 3W LEDs, and wired those to the side lights (that are in the indicators).  The last time I was sitting in traffic, I noticed how much of a load the headlights put on the battery (it's about 1V lower voltage when the lights are on), so hopefully this'll let me use the side lights in that situation.

In the evening, we went and saw "The Hobbit 3" with Jen.  Who knew Billy Connolly was in it?

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