Monday, March 30, 2015

March 29th

The UC Davis vet called during the night to say that Emma the guinea pig wasn't doing well - she had kidney and heart problems.  It was decided that enough was enough, and she was euthanised.

In the morning, Vic went to sort everything out at Davis, and I trimmed up and finished the edges of the tail piece for Russ' desk.

I washed the van, and cleaned up a few electrical connectors that have been giving me problems.  I then collected all the recycling and dropped that off on the way to the airfield, where I (hopefully) found the loose connection to the EIS, then went for a flight until it was getting dark.  Having seen pretty much nobody (other than the parachute drop plane) when I left, I ended up doing an orbit on my inbound leg to leave space for a helicopter, extending downwind for an inbound plane that didn't announce where she was very well, then orbiting again on finals to allow the helicopter to do a practice engine failure on landing :o)  I chatted with Danny for a while before driving home to watch the most excellent MotoGP race from Qatar.

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