Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 2nd

I got up early and went to Lincoln to hand out flyers for the EAA Tri-motor event.  We started out with Dusty in a tucked away corner by the garbage cans, and then they put a bouncy castle in front of us.  Bruce went and talked to the organisers, and we moved to a far more prominent place, and started handing out flyers.  There was a car show and a chili cook-off going on, and I should have entered the van as loads of people were looking at it (I could have even cooked chili in it).

When that all rolled up, we folded the wings and headed back to the airfield.  I hadn't originally planned on going back, but I had all the junk in the van, so back I went.  When we'd put Dusty away, I ended up chatting with Frank and helping him mount a couple of cameras to the Cozy.  I finally rolled home in time to go and get a pizza for dinner and catch up on some TV.

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