Monday, July 27, 2015

July 26th

I played around with some electronics I'm trying to work into a keyless ignition system for the bike.  I've now got it to the point where (on my test harness) I'd pull in the clutch lever to wake the RFID reader, and then have 5 seconds to present the fob to power up an LED.  I've started building the harness for the latching relays that'll actually power up the bike, but I ran out of blue spade connectors so I had to stop.

I went to the airfield and sewed up one of the elastic loops that hold the spare pieces of harness out of the way.  It's, I don't know, stretched maybe, but it's definitely too big.  No longer!  It doesn't slide down and let the loose piece flap around any more.  I was going to play with the compass, but the adjusters are too stiff, so maybe next time.  I took the plane out for almost an hour and a half, and was just starting to put things away when Richard came over to ask for some help putting a Mooney away.  He'd seen me fly over while he was swearing at the electric tug.  We got the plane away, then figured out the problem was the charger built in to the tug, so we left it at that.  After putting my plane away (and filling it up with fuel), I headed home.

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