Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 17th

It was too windy (well, gusty) to fly, so I decided to start the annual argument with Comcast about my bill.  It started off OK, as I've talked to them before, so it was just a matter of convincing them that I want the package I'd been told I could have, without any TV.

Once that was sorted out, I started the troubleshooting as to why I wasn't getting the speeds I've been paying for - the sales department say I get 75Mb/s, but the technical department say I get 50Mb/s.  I'm getting ~45Mb/s, so I believe the technical department.  We discovered that even though you have to go through various hoops to register a new modem, they'd somehow not registered the modem when I changed it about 2 years ago.  After that, I still wasn't getting the speed I should, but they did manage to slow down the upload speeds to what I should be getting.  Joy.  We went through various steps until they suggested I reset the modem, when the missing word there is "factory".  I lost the entire configuration, so I then spent the next hour or so getting things working again.

I went to the airfield to tighten up a couple of nuts I remembered leaving loose, and decided that it was still too gusty to fly.

When I got home, the Nest thermostat was complaining about the network, so I fixed that and the irrigation controller.

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