Monday, July 11, 2016

July 10th

We went to the local Jeep dealer and looked at a Renegade Trailhawk they had there.  Nobody seemed interested in selling us a $30,000 car, so we wandered over to Elk Grove, where they had a brand new 2015 one on sale.  We took that for a test drive, and decided to see what they'd trade the Wrangler for.  The $13,000 offer was some $5,000 below what Kelly Blue Book say the trade-in value is, which sort of soured us on the whole thing.  While I was pretty sure I could have beaten them into a deal we'd have accepted, Vic wasn't that bothered about the car - when we looked at the Wrangler, she was all excited, and this one is just "meh, it's a car", so we walked.

In the evening I met CJ, Gwen and Jahzara over at the airfield so Jahzara could see and sit in the plane, and see me (and others) fly.  After I'd done 1 circuit, Jack arrived, and we ended up both doing circuits (me in the Flightstar, him in the M-Squared) to entertain the ladies until they had to go home for Jahzara's bed time.

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