Monday, September 5, 2016

September 4th

Another day just doing chores around the house until the evening, when I could fly again.  Again I helped Jack tinker with the M-Squared before we headed out to fly over Far West Lake.  It's a shame i didn't have a camera with me, as his bright green plane against the lake looked really cool.  We'd taken off on 33, but while we were out I'd heard the aircraft throwing circuits change to 15, so I had to get in front of Jack (who was flying without a radio) to make sure we joined the correct pattern when we got back.  I landed OK, but Jack went around, so  I was doing his radio calls for him.  He veered off on the next landing attempt, and it seems that he'd actually bounced hard enough to break off a wheel.  He came again, and without a left wheel where it should be, ground looped the plane.  I went back, and we got his plane off the runway so others could take off and land, then went and got a garage creeper, tie downs and the van and towed it back to the hangar.  Jeez.

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