Friday, October 21, 2016

October 19th

I got up stupidly early and rode in to work.  Despite having left the house before 5am, I hit a lot of traffic around Fairfield, and started filtering.  I thought "this is going to be a long day", but all but one lane was closed, for whatever reason (you generally don't see the road being worked on when this happens).  When I got to work, as usual the sensors in the car park couldn't see the bike, so I pushed it around the barrier and parked, then found that my RFID key wouldn't let me in.  When Candace showed up there were a couple of us waiting, and it seems old cards were turned off by the building management.  I could still get into our floor, just not into the building to get to the stairs.  That's supposedly been fixed.

After a day of meetings, we went out to dinner, where I got to try popcorn in liquid nitrogen.  It's cold popcorn.

Having a couple of beers with Nathan, he found out that I have a paralysed arm - he's never noticed, despite us seeing each other from time to time in the office for several years :o)

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