Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 5th

I got up early and headed to the airfield to cook pancake breakfasts for people.  It was pretty cold, so there weren't that many people, but there were a lot of them who sat and watched the whole of "Flying the Feathered Edge" in memory of Bob Hoover.

Vic came, and brought Joey, so we spent some time pottering around showing him things and introducing him to people.

It had been pointed out to me at the airfield that the van's leaking gas (it wasn't when I left home, or I would have smelled it), so when I got home (after letting it cool down) I took a look at that.  With the TiiCo engine, there are 2 fuel hoses in the engine compartment (compared to about 10 with the waterboxer engine), so I removed the leaking one, and figured I'd get enough hose to do both of them.  We went to the local auto parts store, where they tried to give me "fuel injector" hose that's rated at 50psi.  I ended up ordering hose from Van Cafe that's rated at over 200psi.

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