Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 7th

Once it had warmed up a little, I went out into the garage and tidied up the spindle, masked it off and threw some Rustoleum paint on it. While waiting for that to dry, I turned down an old bearing race and used it as a drift to mount the races in the hub.  Then I went inside and watched a movie while killing time.  I went back out, and mounted the lower ball joint on the ball joint adapter, but I didn't think that the ball joint would rotate on itself - luckily there's an 11mm straight edge so you can hold the ball joint still while tightening it up.  I found the tie rod end and the upper ball joint had a 5mm Allen fitting, and got the tie rod done, but not the upper ball joint as I just couldn't get everything to line up.  I greased up the bearings and put them in the hub, then waited for Vic to get home so I could get a hand to mount the upper ball joint.  Progress is being made :o)

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