Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 14th

It looked like it was going to be bumpy, as there were cumulus clouds popping up around the place.  I pulled the front of the Jeep apart to try and find the coolant leak.  I couldn't see anything leaking out, but I'm pretty sure it is the radiator, so screw it, I'll get a new radiator and replace the replacement that we had fitted just over 2 years ago (that comes with a 2 year parts warranty).  I put everything back together so Vic can still drive out while we're waiting for the parts to come in.

In the afternoon, we went out to the airfield so I could change out a dead strobe bulb.  The plane was on the other side of the hangar, as the Mooney's gone, but at least it's still at the front :o)  Everything went swimmingly until I turned the power on, and the engine tried to start.  There was a loose wire (found the screw on the floor), so I got to deal with that too.  Anyway, strobe replaced, wire reattached (and taped up so it won't try and start the plane if it were to drop off again) and everything seems to work.

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