Sunday, January 28, 2018

January 27th

I got up and went over to the airfield, taking the plane out for a bit.  Despite the tinkering I've done, I reckon the airspeed indicator is still ~5mph high.  Oh well.

I cooked burgers for the 12pm presentation, which turned out to be watching a video - I didn't really see the point in that, to be honest, but was kept busy cooking for a few late arrivals.  I'm going to guess at around 25 burgers sold :o)

Todd was talking about getting his S-14 flying again, so we pulled everything out to get it out of the hangar, only to find it leaking fuel - looks like the wings need to come off to replace everything between the tank and the engine - hoses, grommets and suchlike.  While it was out, we washed the 3" of dust off it, then put everything away again.  As it was almost getting dark, I shot about 1700 pictures and went home to create a timelapse.  Next time I'll play with the settings on the camera before kicking it off - I stopped taking pictures when the flash started going off, but there were a few frames missing where it couldn't focus on anything.  Not that you can see that on the video :o)

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