Monday, March 25, 2019

March 23rd

I went over to help Chris with some tinkering on his gyro - it was a little screwed up from the start, as he didn't have the card key to get in to the airport, so we used the pedestrian gate and carried tools down to the hangar.  We then found that he didn't have a scissor jack to get the plane up in the air to take one wheel off (to turn the tyre around).  We also didn't have a jiggle hose to empty the fuel tank - I'd originally suggested we use the fuel pumps on the plane, but we tried siphoning it out for a bit, then went and got a hand pump.  When that looked like it'd take all damn day, we plugged the hose we already had in to the fuel line and pumped the tank out.  We then changed the fuel filter.  Score 1.  Interestingly we both thought the tank would have a couple of unusable gallons in the bottom, but when we took out the drain, we found maybe a cupful left inside.  We replaced the (leaking) drain.  Score 2.  We then pulled the dash out, as the oil temperature probe has been playing up, and Dayton had suggested it was a connection problem.  We couldn't see anything wrong, so we went out to lunch and got some electrolytic grease and neoprene washers, then put washers under the larger instrument mounting screws (where they're starting to crack the carbon fibre panel), then put everything back together.  Well, it still runs, and everything still seems to work.

While I was at Cameron Park, the remaining Jeep parts were collected, so yay.

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