Monday, June 3, 2019

June 2nd

We headed out to the airport, met Randy and flew up to Auburn to meet Chris for brunch.  He strapped my camera to the side of his gyro with one of his GoPro mounts on the way home, and we'll see how that worked out compared to my mast mount.

In the evening, I was bothered that the air conditioning wasn't cooling anything.  I took a look outside and the fan in the cooling tower wasn't turning.  At first I thought it could be the starting capacitor (again), but it was actually that the breaker panel was labelled incorrectly, so when I'd turned off the "Dryer" to see how many wires there were going in (3, so no easy 250v car charger upgrade for me), I'd actually turned off the AC.  I didn't bother turning it back on again, as we don't have a 250v dryer.

Just as well we didn't have a 4 wire connection there that I'd then have tried upgrading to a NEMA 14-30 socket, eh?

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