Tuesday, November 12, 2019

November 10th

I got to the airport early and pre-flighted, then replaced the vacuum hose for the manifold pressure sensor.  Mark showed up while I was in the middle of this, and got to hold zip ties and tools.  Randy and his daughter arrived, as did Jamie and Nancy, and we all flew to Auburn, where we met Chris.  We parked the 4 gyros together (in one plane space) and headed over for breakfast.

After breakfast, Chris and I ran down the canyon before heading home.  Interestingly we were low enough that we didn't show up on the flight tracking facilities :o)

After getting back to Lincoln, we got everything packed up, and headed home.  On the way, I stopped at Lowe's and got a couple of pressure treated 2x4s.  At home, I took the bottom step of the steps for the hot tub apart and replaced the rotting wooden braces.  I got to use my jigsaw for the first time :o)

In the evening, we watched "Avengers: Endgame" (again).

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