Tuesday, December 24, 2019

December 19th

I was staying in to receive a package (that DHL said was in Los Angeles, but then said it was in Heathrow, then said it was in East Midlands, then said it was in Heathrow) that didn't arrive, so once I had figured out it wasn't arriving, I went out and hacked parts off shrubs to fill the green waste bin.

I've had a problem with the noise coming out of the home theatre PC, so I decided to look at that.  The TOSLINK cable was lighting up red, which made me think the problem could be the (16 year old) receiver, but after pulling everything apart (and getting the old LCD TV from Vic's office so I could get into the receiver setup), it turned out that the PC had decided to use different (not installed) speakers.  I fixed that in Windows, and everything's fine now.  Yay.

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