Monday, March 15, 2021

March 14th

Having got up an hour early (do I prefer the extra hour of usable daylight?  Yes, but why don't we have it all year round?), I went and tried a couple of local auto parts stores for 7/16" hose, and struck out, so I headed over to the airport to meet Bill and show him the space in the hangar.  We put his RV-6 in there, and it fits just fine, so he'll haggle with Todd about the cost :o)

We flew up to Auburn under a cloud layer (me in the Magni, Bill in the RV) and met Chris (in his Magni) for lunch.

I flew over the house on the way home, but there's a cold front coming in, so I didn't stay out particularly long - it was starting to get bumpy.

In the evening, Jen came over to visit Tilly.  She'd been in Rocklin earlier, and O'Reilly's web site said the store there had 7/16" hose, so she brought me 1' to play with :o)

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