Sunday, July 4, 2021

July 3rd

I got up early and flew over to Placerville for their pancake breakfast - I didn't eat, as I'd been aiming to meet Chris for lunch.

When I told Judi (who was running the event) that I'd be flying back to Cameron Park (where she lives) to meet Chris, she wanted to come along with me, leaving her husband to fly their Pipistrel back by himself.

Chris and Kayley, his daughter, were short on time, so we didn't go to Columbia like he'd hoped, or Sutter like I'd thought.  We just went to Auburn.  We flew past his house, then he flew close to me to get some video with his Insta360.  Which, it turned out, didn't have a charged battery.  Doh.

I left him to go home and get yelled at for being late and headed back to Lincoln.

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