Monday, September 6, 2021

September 5th

We started the day by taking Tilly to the dog park.  She trotted around, laid in the paddly pool, then twisted her wrist when her sudden stop caused a husky type thing to jump over her.  We took her home at that point.

I went and met Chris for brunch, where he "forgot" his wallet :o)

After brunch, I headed over to the hangar and cleaned the rotors on the plane, then took it out for a little bimble about.  I always like the noise of a clean rotor.

While I was out, the Bridge fire kicked off in Auburn - I watched the smoke start to rise :o(

After I'd got home, Chris texted to see if I was at the hangar, as he'd fixed his plane and wanted somewhere to go - I pointed out the fire at Auburn, and he flew within a couple of miles of it to see what was going on.

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