Sunday, January 2, 2022

January 2nd

We got up early and met everybody at the airport for a group flight to Lampson - I'd show the ADS-B trail but it didn't see us much past Sacramento.

Vic and I went in my gyro, Shane and his daughter went in his gyro, and Randy and Shane's wife went in Randy's gyro.  In the air, we met up with Chris in his gyro, and Damon and his son in their Aerotrek and PJ in his Zenith were around, just at 6500'.  Bill and William showed up in their RV-6, and Rob and Ernie in Rob's RV-14.

It was pretty cold, but we all coped (a few with heated gloves.)

I pulled together a quick video of us following Shane - the app did everything through it's tracking function, which works really well.  If you squint, in the background you can see Chris and Randy screwing around.

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