Sunday, February 13, 2022

February 12th

I met Shane at the airport and we flew up to Auburn to meet Bill and William for brunch.

Shane's looking at replacing his proprietary Microavionics intercom with something more normal, so I wore my (David Clark based) helmet, and he wore Randy's (Lightspeed based), and we swapped on the way back.

I ran into Kirk, somebody I used to race with - he was flying a Piper Tomahawk, but was very interested in gyros - apparently we fly over his house from time to time.

Shane's the heaviest passenger I've taken for a while, so I wasn't really ready for the 500'/minute climb rates :o)

Back at Lincoln, I took my brakes apart again - I was thinking about it, and I reckon I misunderstood what Greg was suggesting with the RTV on the back of the brake cones - I thought he wanted to glue the cones to the hub, when I now think he wanted to change the frequency of the cones enough that they wouldn't resonate.  So I blobbed more RTV in there, and we'll see if that fixes the brakes' squeak when they're being used, too.

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