Sunday, February 19, 2023

February 18th

Randy and I flew to Woodland for their first display day of the year.

There weren't a load of planes there, but there were quite a few classic cars.  We were milling around when Tony, Tim and Marty showed up in their Cubs (Legend, Carbon and Cuby respectively.)

We hung around with them for a short while, and they decided to wait for Mark (another Carbon Cub) and go to lunch at the golf club, so we flew back to Lincoln to meet Shane and Liza for lunch.

Just before I got back, I received a text message, and when I'd parked up, Tony and co were coming back to Lincoln, as the golf club weren't open yet.  We told Shane to expect 6of us and went and had lunch.

After lunch, Shane, Liza and I went back to the hangar, where we tested his new headsets (they work) and the wiring on the new intercom (it looks like it'll work when we have push-to-talk circuits in.)  We then took our chairs outside to watch Don and Jeff arrive from Cameron Park.  We sat and watched Jeff practice emergency landings until the eventually headed back to Cameron Park, and it was time to head home.

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