Sunday, March 26, 2023

March 25th

I went to the airport early and flew a couple of Young Eagles...

The second one was longer because there was a Citation in the pattern and three of us extended South to let him in :o)  I ended up on a 3 mile final.  Into a 15kt headwind.

Afterwards, I hung around for the Air Traffic presentation at the EAA, then headed home.

The inverter for the solar panels has been cutting out...

(The lighter blue line is the solar output, the big jump is the car charging)

so I'd called the manufacturer (because the company that installed it has gone out of business.)  SMA told me to get an installer to work with me, and they came out and looked at it today.  Billy wasn't impressed with the factory wiring - it seems they've wired the ground to the neutral - but he's aiming to talk to SMA, and fix some of their bad wiring.  The fact that it's run fine for 9 years suggests that it's the AC board though, so that'll probably end up needing to be replaced.  I'm expecting an argument about the warranty, based on my call with them - the inverter was manufactured 12/12, but wasn't installed until 5/14.

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