Sunday, September 10, 2023

September 9th

I'd intended to go to the Columbia fly-in with the guys, but Tilly had a bad night, waking us up and keeping us awake several times, so I decided that ~3 hours' flying might not be such a great idea.

Still, I went to the airport and had breakfast at the EAA hangar, then went and pulled the plane apart to move the Garmin GDL39 ADS-B receiver.  I found that the line was juuuust about long enough to put it where I wanted, but that the GPS for the ADS-B transponder was in the way.  That had much more wire on it, so I pulled that out, installed the GDL39, then installed the GPS receiver.  At first glance everything seems fine.  I had wanted to replace the grip on my throttle unit, but that means rewiring and I'd forgotten my forceps to hold things, so I called it a day there and put everything back together and went home.

I met Shane at the house (rather than have him drive all the way out to the airport) and we tinkered around with the 3D print stuff for his helmet.  I like to think we're making progress, and we played with Fusion 360, a more complex 3D modelling software than I've been playing with (TinkerCAD.)

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