Monday, December 18, 2023

December 17th

I've noticed that my ADS-B listener seems to be sending data, but I can't see anything on the "SkyAware Anywhere" page.  I started tinkering with things and found there'd been a software update, so I installed that.  I tried looking at the local maps, and couldn't even get to them.  They're provided by lighttpd, so I tinkered around with that to find it wasn't starting.  Checking around, it looks like it needed to be reinstalled, so I did that.  Despite it saying it wasn't touching the config, it screwed that up and I stopped uploading data.  I decided to just start over on a new micro-SD card.

Chris texted about meeting at the airport, so I drove over and collected him and Perry, then we went to lunch.

After lunch, I got the micro-SD card up and running, and got that working.  Data was flowing, the local maps are now working and updating but the Anywhere map still doesn't work.  So I gave up - that comes from the FlightAware servers rather than me directly.

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