Monday, August 22, 2011

August 20th

I started the day going around looking to try and find an HP Touchpad for $99 (or even $149 for the 32Gb version).  No luck - Staples had sold all 4 (woo!) that they had as soon as their doors opened, and Best Buy were sending all theirs back to HP rather than selling them to the great unwashed.  Whatever.  Maybe I'll be able to gt one of the returns from the HP web site, when they're listed as back in stock.

We were going to Los Gatos, so Gwen came and picked up the Mook for the weekend.  We went out to load up the Jeep, and Gwen had called to say Tilly was getting on OK with their cats - as I'd expected, she got smacked in the face and decided to give them a wider berth :o)

We modified stuff to mount the ladder on the Jeep a little differently, with the brace that I'd made on the front.  It's now got 3 support points - the front, the rear and it rests on the light bar by the windscreen - when the hang glider's on the ladder, I strap it around the light bar there, so everything's held down well.  Having finished loading up, we headed on down, with the roof down, and it wasn't too noisy after all.

We unloaded the Jeep and got changed at Vic's mother's, then went to her 25th high school reunion.  It was shared among 6 different years, and most were from the 2 years after Vic - there were a whole 3 people from her year.  At one point I was sitting near the dance floor, and a girl who was obviously something special at school came and asked if I remembered her - I looked at her for a second, then said "no".  If her boyfriend (who I was talking to at the time( hadn't told her I was a guest, I'm sure she'd have been crushed :o)

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