Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28th

We got up fairly early, loaded the Jeep with the hang glider, stuff and Tillamook, and headed down to Ed Levin.

On the way, the "Low Tyre Pressure" warning light went off, and I had to buy a pressure gauge at a Chevron, as their air pumps don't include one.  Screw you, we'll buy our gas somewhere else, dicks!  As the tyres were all OK, but the light didn't go off, we've agreed that it's probably the spare - I never bother yanking the cover off to check the pressure, so now maybe I will.

Once there, Tilly and I went to play in the dog park while Vic managed to lose the Jeep key behind the dash - no, I don't know why there's a horking great gap there.  After throwing a tantrum, I managed to get the key out with a borrowed magnet on a stick, but for a while there it was touch and go - we'd left through the garage, so I didn't have my spare, and we didn't take the spare downtubes, so we had no tools either.  Oh well.

I drove Vic up to the 1750' launch, and managed to get the Jeep into 4-Lo easily while waiting for her to open one of the cattle gates (you need the Jeep to be in neutral to change it).  Tilly and I ran around the top of the hill until she was knackered, then I threw Vic off the top and headed back down.  We were experimenting with a ContourHD camera mounted to her helmet, so everybody's interested to see how that turned out.

After a long drive home, we checked out the video - it looks excellent, but editing out the dead space at the beginning and end in Movie Maker seems to have reduced the quality a little - it might be time to investigate some proper editing software.  Anyway, it's here - select 1080p :o)

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