Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12th

One of the smoke alarms needs a new battery, so it's been beeping about once a day.  Which, of course, makes it really easy to find.  Well, it started to beep a little more often, and it scared Tilly - she got out of her bed and woke me up, and it took a while before it beeped again.  I tracked it to Vic's art room and unplugged it, but then had to wait for the internal battery to give out in a series of increasingly pathetic beeps.  By then I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd play Warcraft, thinking that the realm had rolled over so I could do the daily quests again.  Nope, but I swear I've done this after the new realm day (at 10pm Pacific).  Anyway, I eventually went back to bed at around 3am.

After work, I went out and worked on the van a little - I got the driver's side all wired up, and pulled the new wire through for the passenger side light.

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