Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22nd

I woke up early, then couldn't get back to sleep because of the rain.  So I started looking at the weather station on the Raspberry Pi.  I've ended up dumping the database from the Eee out to SQL format, deleting the database on the Pi and reloading the data when it's rebuilt it.  It's letting me look at the web pages, and I left it loading in the old data (there's a lot of it), but that caused it to stop working.  After reinstalling the software a couple of times, I gave up and decided to just start with an empty database.

I went out in the garage and did a little wiring on the van - I've rewired the rear lights so that the fog light section (that isn't used here) now lights up with the rear lights.  So, I have 4 rear lights, and 4 brake lights (high 3rd light, and a light in the tow hitch).

I decided to cut the grass, as it's supposed to rain for the next few days, but that only brought on the rain early.  I finished up, and we threw seed on the bare patches (thank you, Tilly) so that they'll hopefully start growing in all the rain we're getting.

In the evening we watched MIB3, which was distracting with the cartoony CGI effects.

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