Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21st

I've booked some time off work to do some projects that'll take a bit longer than I usually have, and to fly.  So, it's raining.  As I couldn't get the van out to poke around the roof, I installed a HID kit for the DRZ.  It all went swimmingly, once I'd figured out that the headlight connector was wired wrong - luckily it's the type you can take apart if you're careful.  And I was careful.  I also changed the dashboard to use a permanent power line, as I've been having trouble with it losing the clock and trips - it seems that's a vibration issue where the internal battery loses contact.  Permanent power means you don't need the battery, but we'll see how long the backlight stays on, and if that bothers me.

I've bought some new seats to replace the worn out ones in the van, and I spent some quality time pulling the passenger seat out of the van, cleaning everything up and disassembling it to try and get the slider mechanism to fit on the new seats - no dice.

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