Monday, September 9, 2013

September 8th

I started the day cutting the grass, then I filled up Fred's wastebin (they're away) with cut up wood from the old raised flower beds in the garden.

In the late afternoon, I went over to Lincoln and took the Flightstar out for a while - it was the first time this year I've been away from the circuit, as I'm pretty sure I've nailed the CHT reporting problem.  I flew over Freedom Field, and there was no sign of Vince, then practiced some turns (normal, steep, climbing, descending) before heading back to Lincoln.  As I was taxiing up, Danny was getting his Quicksilver out to go flying.  He and Jack tried to get me to go with them, but I was tired and thought I only had ~3 gallons left in the plane.  They headed out just as it was getting to sunset, and I put the plane away and headed home.  I was almost home when Vic called me - Jack had crunched his ultralight landing it, and wanted me to go and help him out.  I tried to call him, but went straight through to voicemail, so I turned around and headed back... I was about halfway there when I managed to get hold of him, and Danny was there, so he didn't need me after all.  Apparently he'd run out of gas... he was fine though.

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