Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22nd

We started the day at the SPCA sorting out the adoption of one of the rabbits.  Joy.  We  decided to go to breakfast on the way home, and took the bikes.  When I got there, the new headlight on the DRZ wasn't working.  I sulked through breakfast, but it was then working when I started the bike and rode home.  Um... whatever.  I'm thinking it must be some sort of loose wiring or somesuch, as the DRZ rattles like a 4 stroke single, which is exactly what it is.

Once home, I started working on the seat into the van project.  There are many, many ways to mount the sliders to the seats, and without any instruction, I must have tried most of them before I found the right way.  I then got to the point where I needed some more hardware, so I went out and did a bit of general shopping that's on my list while I was out.  When I got back, I managed to get the seat mounted to the Vanagon seat base (with a couple of holes drilled), then installed it in the van.  As it was getting dark, I thought I'd just mount the sliders to the second seat, only to find that one of the mounting holes just isn't in the seat.  Couldn't it have been the first seat that I went to install?  Oh, FFS...

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