Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23rd

The washing machine has been doing this thing where it doesn't run the spin cycle, and the latest load wouldn't spin even when I'd taken some stuff out and shuffled it around so it should be able to get it balanced.  The Google makes it seem like the problem is a filter by the drain pump, so I decided to take a look.  It's a filter, meaning that it collects stuff, but you have to take the whole boot off, and it's full of water.  To get to it, you need to remove the front panel, and as the door's coming off, you have to unhook the sealing boot.  To get the panel off, the control unit has to be removed, and the top has to come off too.  So a "simple" fix took a while, but it's fixed now... yay.

In the afternoon, I went and picked up some things and stuff I need for the next van project, then headed over to Freedom Field to check that Vince is still alive.  He was even there, and has just been chilling out and doing as little as possible.

When I got home, we went and picked up a rental car.  I decided to pay the extra and get a Prius, just because I've never driven one.  They're... odd... you press the "start" button, and the car tells you you're ready to go, but the engine isn't running.

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